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This player is being used for the first AFT Fathom QuickStart Video

Questions and Answers from the Webinar

Q: Can you download Pump Curves or Control Valve data directly from Vendors manufacturing Website?
A: You are able to download Pump Curves from a Vendor database, but not Valve data. For more information on this, please review this video tutorial video: http://www.aft.com/fathom-7-intelliquip
Q: What is equivalent of Pipe Flow Stock in AFT Fathom?
A: AFT Fathom 8 includes multiple options to model Non-Newtonian fluids, including two Pulp and Paper Stock models: Duffy, and Brecht & Heller. This is packaged into the base AFT Fathom, there is no additional software needed
Q: Can Fathom or Arrow model a two phase flow system?
A: No. AFT does not currently have a program that can model two phase flow, although AFT Impulse is able to model discrete short-lived transient cavitation. It is on our development plan, however it is on the distant horizon at this time.
Q: Is it possible to obtain AFT Fathom/Arrow's User Guide and Quick Start Guide
A: Yes, you can download all of these pdf files from our FTP site. Here are login instructions:

1) Point your browser to ftp://www.aft.com

2) The user name is: u36608359-eval

3) The password is: afteval

Q: Is it possible to incorporate Jacobs' company logo into the print configuration tool?
A: Yes. In the Print Preview window, you do have the ability to load a company logo for a printed report.
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