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Water & Wastewater Industry

AFT in the Water & Wastewater Industry

Aeration, Water Transfer & Delivery, Pumping, and more

Whether you work in treatment, sanitation, or distribution, your water system doesn't sleep. Maintaining continuous, reliable operation requires proper sizing and an adaptability to whatever your system throws at you. Luckily AFT software helps you determine a robust solution, ensuring your system works as well at 10,000 hours as at 100,000 hours.

AFT In Action

Wastewater Treatment Plant Resolves Downtime Issue and Saves 600,000 dollars with AFT Arrow

Company: Brown and Caldwell

Problem: Blowers in a wastewater treatment plant experienced surge conditions in hot months. Growing plant capacity required new construction, but the plant must remain operational during implementation.

Product Used: AFT Arrow was used to evaluate existing blower operation. The model helped inform equipment selection and construction sequencing to maintain operation.

Solution: Brown and Caldwell improved system reliability and flowrate by adjusting blower discharge pressure, saving significant capital costs to design alternatives. Blower capacity was increased by the equivalent of 2.5 blowers with no additional capital.

AFT Impulse Matches Data For Pumping Station Check Valve Closure

Company: AQUATEC (SUEZ Group)

Problem: A study was performed to determine impact of check valve closure on surge pressures and compare the field data with model predictions. Swing and nozzle check valves were compared.

Product Used: AFT Impulse was used to model this water delivery system including pump trip scenarios. They imported GIS info for faster model construction.

Solution: AQUATEC (SUEZ Group) compared the operation of a swing check valve to a nozzle check valve, with both matching AFT Impulse predictions for peak pressure. Nozzle check valve reduced the maximum pressure rise by 63%. Field data matched Impulse predictions of pressure responses and surge tank levels.

Simulation of Transfer and Distribution of Thermally Hydrolyzed Sludge with AFT Fathom

Company: Jacobs CH2M

Problem: Expansion of a wastewater facility to include a thermal hydrolysis system and five digester units. The non-Newtonian nature of multiple system fluids and differing rheologies had to be considered.

Product Used: AFT Fathom was used to model Power Law non-Newtonian fluids and the control structure was modeled to control flow to parallel digester units.

Solution: Jacobs CH2M modeled three non-Newtonian sludges in a digestion process to size several pieces of equipment. Piping, pumps, and control valves for the digester feed and cooling systems were correctly sized.


"Test Drive" operating conditions and scenarios to determine sizes, pressures, temperatures, etc... to fix or upgrade systems


Accurately simulate component-system interactions prior to constuction to ensure cost-effective and efficient designs


Avoid redundant model building by importing GIS, PCF, EPANET, or CAESAR II Neutral files


Automate data transfer with the Excel Export Manager, organizing your model's results exactly how you want them

Engineers of all levels and background use AFT pipe flow analysis software to model and analyze their piping and ducting systems. Here are the top 5 ways AFT can help you:

1. Size pipes, rotating/reciprocating equipment and valves

We help specifying engineers properly size pipes, pumps, fans, compressors, control valves and relief valves. Read More...

2. Save energy and improve equipment reliability

We help consulting, facility and pipeline engineers evaluate options in fluid systems to reduce energy and improve reliability of pumps, fans, compressors and components. Read More...

3. Solve operational problems

We help facility and pipeline engineers identify the root cause of operational problems in fluid systems. Read More...

4. Mitigate waterhammer

We help engineers improve safety by predicting waterhammer/surge transient pressures, evaluating potential operational changes to mitigate waterhammer, and enabling engineers to size and locate surge suppression devices. Read More...

5. Mitigate pulsation issues

We help engineers predict acoustic natural frequencies and determine undesirable positive displacement pump speeds which excite those frequencies. Read More...

Determine the Optimal System

Pump performance, BEP, fluid transients, force calculations,  
detect sonic choking, and so much more...
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Quickly Build Models You Need

Excel integration, automatically size systems, model importing ... and 17
other features that help engineers efficiently analyze their system.
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Reports & Presentations

Report-ready graphics, animations, and confirming code compliance are just a few reasons to invest in quality flow analysis software.
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