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Power Industry
Cooling Water, Emissions, Fire Systems, and more

AFT in the Power Industry

Keeping the lights on is no easy task. Designing or maintaining a plant with its dozens of potential operating conditions can be difficult to manage. AFT software can help confirm your system will stay up and running, no matter the demand.

Systems who use AFT software: 
Coal Plants
Natural Gas Plants

AFT In Action

Facility Redesign

AFT Fathom Features Simplify Complex Model: Power Station Cooling Water System Redesigned

Company: Kiewit

Problem: Redesign 4 cooling water systems into 1 common system and reduce the number of operating pumps. Make sure standby pumps can provide enough water during power outages.

Product Used: AFT Fathom was used to model the proposed changes. Features such as annotations, colors, and notes helped organize the 4 different systems.

Solution: A Kiewit engineer revised and redesigned a complex cooling water system to provide more cooling capacity with a simpler pump arrangement. The system increased cooling capacity with only 2 out of the original 9 pumps in operation and demonstrared that during outages, standby pumps will supply sufficient flow.


Environmental Compliance

Flue Gas Desulfurization System Expansion Design Optimized with AFT Arrow

Company: Energoprojekt Katowice

Problem: Environmental regulations required a power plant to expand their flue gas desulfurization system ensuring controlled pressure at the furnace exit.

Product Used: AFT Arrow with the Goal Seek & Control module was used to find the optimum fan conditions. Engineers were able to creatively model the unique aspects of their design.

Solution: Energoprojekt Katowice designed a flue gas desulfurization system to meet increasing environmental regulations, building in conservative estimates and accounting for draft effect as a fan. They found the fans should provide ~3000 Pa (0.45 psi) to ensure the proper furnace exit pressure, while maintaining expansion demand to meet regulations.

Natural Gas Plant

AFT Impulse Saves Time & Effort in Pump Trip Evaluation: Natural Gas Power Plant

Company: Kiewit

Problem: A circulating water system needed to be evaluated against pump trip scenarios, ensuring that catastrophic events were avoided, and the equipment could handle normal, small transients.

Product Used: An AFT Fathom model was imported into AFT Impulse, saving a lot of time. The model was color coded to improve readability.

Solution: Kiewit evaluated a circulating water system against 46 pump trip scenarios in a single file. Profile graphs of the system made it simple to understand results at specific components.


"Test Drive" operating conditions and scenarios to determine sizes, pressures, temperatures, etc... to fix or upgrade systems


Accurately simulate component-system interactions prior to constuction to ensure cost-effective and efficient designs


Avoid redundant model building by importing GIS, PCF, EPANET, or CAESAR II Neutral files


Automate data transfer with the Excel Export Manager, organizing your model's results exactly how you want them

Engineers of all levels and background use AFT pipe flow analysis software to model and analyze their piping and ducting systems. Here are the top 5 ways AFT can help you:

1. Size pipes, rotating/reciprocating equipment and valves

We help specifying engineers properly size pipes, pumps, fans, compressors, control valves and relief valves. Read More...

2. Save energy and improve equipment reliability

We help consulting, facility and pipeline engineers evaluate options in fluid systems to reduce energy and improve reliability of pumps, fans, compressors and components. Read More...

3. Solve operational problems

We help facility and pipeline engineers identify the root cause of operational problems in fluid systems. Read More...

4. Mitigate waterhammer

We help engineers improve safety by predicting waterhammer/surge transient pressures, evaluating potential operational changes to mitigate waterhammer, and enabling engineers to size and locate surge suppression devices. Read More...

5. Mitigate pulsation issues

We help engineers predict acoustic natural frequencies and determine undesirable positive displacement pump speeds which excite those frequencies. Read More...

Determine the Optimal System

Pump performance, BEP, fluid transients, force calculations,  
detect sonic choking, and so much more...
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Quickly Build Models You Need

Excel integration, automatically size systems, model importing ... and 17
other features that help engineers efficiently analyze their system.
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Reports & Presentations

Report-ready graphics, animations, and confirming code compliance are just a few reasons to invest in quality flow analysis software.
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