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Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

AFT in the Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

Hydrocarbon Processing, Hot Water, Absorber Systems, and more

Through design and construction, operation and maintenance, a chemical plant can see the gamut of design decisions. Whether your plant exists only as a file, or if it's coming up on its 50th year of operation, AFT software can eliminate design uncertainty to make the right design choice the obvious one.

AFT In Action

AFT Fathom Helps Reduce Power Consumption by 40% at Petrochemical Plant

Company: Ingenero Technologies

Problem: Excessive pressure drop across control valves led to significant operating costs. The client was unsure where design and operating anomalies may be occurring.

Product Used: An AFT Fathom model was calibrated for the physical system within 5% error. It was used to identify and size replacements for flow elements and control valves.

Solution: The study of the petrochemical facility revealed excessively large pressure drops. By correcting them, the client reduced power consumption by 40% and saved more than 300,000 dollars per year in energy costs. The model provided insight inconceivable by plant data analysis alone.

Cooling System Surge Analysis with AFT Impulse

Company: CB&I Inc. (McDermott)

Problem: Design a gasification system serving an LNG off-loading terminal using waste heat from nearby power plant. The new design had to avoid interfering with existing plant cooling system.

Product Used:  An AFT Impulse model was benchmarked against steady-state data. Model revealed vacuum conditions under several scenarios, such as pump trips.

Solution: CB&I (McDermott) redesigned and simplified a new LNG heating water system to avoid vacuum pressure potential revealed by AFT Impulse. 

Ingenero Solves Pipe Failures in Mixed Bed Polishers Using AFT Impulse

Company: Ingenero Technologies

Problem: Failure of mixed bed polishers (MBPs) during valve operations damaged piping. At any given time 2 of 9 MPBs were under repair, reducing power generation and causing lost production time.

Product Used: AFT Impulse was used to model the valve operations.

Solution: The precise operational step causing the surge failures was revealed, allowing mitigation by adjusting the valve sequence timings. 


"Test Drive" operating conditions and scenarios to determine sizes, pressures, temperatures, etc... to fix or upgrade systems


Accurately simulate component-system interactions prior to constuction to ensure cost-effective and efficient designs


Avoid redundant model building by importing GIS, PCF, EPANET, or CAESAR II Neutral files


Automate data transfer with the Excel Export Manager, organizing your model's results exactly how you want them

Engineers of all levels and background use AFT pipe flow analysis software to model and analyze their piping and ducting systems. Here are the top 5 ways AFT can help you:

1. Size pipes, rotating/reciprocating equipment and valves

We help specifying engineers properly size pipes, pumps, fans, compressors, control valves and relief valves. Read More...

2. Save energy and improve equipment reliability

We help consulting, facility and pipeline engineers evaluate options in fluid systems to reduce energy and improve reliability of pumps, fans, compressors and components. Read More...

3. Solve operational problems

We help facility and pipeline engineers identify the root cause of operational problems in fluid systems. Read More...

4. Mitigate waterhammer

We help engineers improve safety by predicting waterhammer/surge transient pressures, evaluating potential operational changes to mitigate waterhammer, and enabling engineers to size and locate surge suppression devices. Read More...

5. Mitigate pulsation issues

We help engineers predict acoustic natural frequencies and determine undesirable positive displacement pump speeds which excite those frequencies. Read More...

Determine the Optimal System

Pump performance, BEP, fluid transients, force calculations,  
detect sonic choking, and so much more...
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Quickly Build Models You Need

Excel integration, automatically size systems, model importing ... and 17
other features that help engineers efficiently analyze their system.
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Reports & Presentations

Report-ready graphics, animations, and confirming code compliance are just a few reasons to invest in quality flow analysis software.
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