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All AFT Product Downloads

These software programs are copy protected. Only customers with a valid license will be able to run the software. By installing AFT software, you accept the terms of the Applied Flow Technology Software License Agreement. Download the AFT Copy Protection setup to install licenses for USB keys. For additional USB key utilities and assistance please see the USB Key Support page. 

AFT recommends using the newest release of each version. To check which version and release are currently being used:

  1. Open the application   
  2. Click Help   
  3. Click About AFT Application 
Current Full Versions:  Network Client Setup Files:  
    AFT Fathom 11 - (336 MB) 2020.08.26     AFT Fathom 11 Network Client Setup - (122 MB) 2020.08.26 Release Notes
    AFT Arrow 8- (330 MB) 2020.08.27     AFT Arrow 8 Network Client Setup - (103 MB) 2020.08.27 Release Notes

    AFT Impulse 7 - (271 MB) 2020.09.29

    AFT Impulse 7 Network Client Setup - (108 MB) 2020.09.29  
    Chempak Property Database - (5.27 MB) 2018.02.28    


NOTE: The latest product releases also include the latest release for add-on modules.

  32-bit:  64-bit:
    SteamCalc 3 (Incl. Excel Add-in) 2018.11.15 Download (6.41 MB) Download (7.01 MB)
    Chempak Viewer 3 (Incl. Excel Add-in) 2019.04.17 Download (7.93 MB) Download (8.55 MB)





Visit the installation support page or contact AFT Support for technical assistance.   


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