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Bring AFT Customers Back!

In honor of our new versions - and their significantly enhanced interface features - we are offering a limited time discount to expired SUM customers.


In Q2, your customers can save up tonot 10... not 20... but 50% off their SUM reinstate

Campaign Details:
  1. This campaign will be launched on April 1st and it will end on June 30, 2019. No grace period.
  2. AFT customers who have let their SUM expire for more than 1 year, will be able to reinstate at a significant discount (up to 50%).
  3. Corporate customers not included in this campaign
  4. AFT expects these discounts to be transferred to the end user, these campaign efforts will make no sense without the cooperation of the CP. Any CP not transferring the campaign discounts to the end user will be excluded from future campaigns.
Download the Design Files
The zip file includes product comparison
sheets with the new features and
sample campaign flyers you can use
to create your company's materials