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Cross-Sale Campaign: Offer Your Customers 10% off AFT Impulse Until March 31

As part of the 2019 sales strategy, AFT will create cross-selling opportunities for existing customers. The goal is to encourage customers to utilize multiple AFT products. 

This campaign focuses on current AFT Fathom customers who do not currently have AFT Impulse. We will offer them a 10% discount if they purchase AFT Impulse. From our AFT office, we are also offering 10% off AFT Impulse to new customers when they purchase AFT Fathom & AFT Impulse together. 

Since the message is different for each cross-sale,
we will not do a general cross-sale campaign
for all products. Instead, we will target
Impulse in this specific cross-sale campaign.

Below are suggestions on how you
can implement the campaign. 

Campaign Details:
  1. This campaign will end March 31, 2019. No grace period.
  2. The outlines for this campaign are described in the following link: https://www.aft.com/surge-transients
  3. If you want marketing material to print or put on your web page, contact Julie Bedsole (JulieBedsole@aft.com )
Module and Cross Sale Strategy
Talk About It
  1. Talk about other software products during all types webinars, seminars and training:
    1. When you are doing a webinar with a module, make sure you mention that the module is also available for our other products
    2. Talk about them in a way where we do not just list what we have, we list what they do. example:
      1. Let’s say you have a client who wants you to design a system using steam rather than water. Or, they are transporting natural gas. But, they still need you to calculate heat transfer like we showed you today. Our compressible flow software AFT Arrow operates just like Fathom and will allow you to meet their needs.
If you would like the print files or the InDesign files, email juliebedsole@aft.com

Digital Media

Download the zip folder to access the social media graphics
and web banners we will use, as well the product data sheets.
Feel free to make your own graphics too!

New Features

AFT Impulse was released with many new features.
But the most important point is: the products use the same
interface and AFT Fathom can easily be imported into AFT Impulse. 

English Data Sheet

This is the link to the data sheet.

Spanish Data Sheet

This is the link to the Spanish Data Sheet