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Where AFT Problem Solvers Tell Their Stories

Behind each of our case studies is a real person, a real company and a real problem that at one point needed solving. And that's exactly what we love about AFT users-- they solve problems. Our User Group Meetings throughout the year serve as a platform for our users to share the solutions they have found using our software. It is also a place for other AFT users to hear about the speakers' solutions and consider the innovative possibilities for their own projects. 

This month, we held a User Group Meeting in the Denver Tech Center. Although not every User Group speaker has submitted a project to us, our two speakers for this month's meeting happened to both submit projects in the past to our Platinum Pipe Award (PPA) Contest. (If you have a project using AFT software, we encourage you to submit it here for a chance to win!)

One of the projects in case study format is pictured below:

Project in Case Study Format

Rory Heim, mechanical engineer at Swanson Rink and a recipient of the PPA in 2014 and a PPA honorable mention in 2015, presented on his project, "Data Center Air Cooling System." The project involved converting a high-rise office building into a multi-user data center space, while using as much of the existing air conditioning system as possible. Heim shared how he used AFT Fathom to achieve this. You can find the case study here

Our second speaker was Jeremiah Osborn, maintenance manager at TruStile Doors and also a recipient of the PPA in 2014. He presented on his project, "Airflow Modeling of Industrial Dust Collection System." Osborn used AFT Arrow to model three systems used for dust collection at TruStile's hardwood door manufacturing facility in Northwood, Iowa. You can find the case study here.

Jeremiah Osborne Presenting his Project

Creating community among our software users is something we genuinely enjoy. And if we all learn something in the process, what's better than that?

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Friday, 28 January 2022

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