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2 minutes reading time (330 words)

What makes AFT tick?

Recently Steve Ballmer announced that he would step down as CEO of Microsoft sometime in the next 12 months. He has had mixed success with both fans and critics over the past 13 years. We depend on Microsoft Windows and development platforms for our business here at Applied Flow Technology. This led me to think about our company, its evolution and direction.

Trey Walters has guided the growth of AFT from its inception as company run from his basement to a recognized leader around the world for delivering high-quality applications, technical support and consulting services in the area of flow analysis.

Trey doesn’t have the daily media spotlight as Mr. Ballmer does, but he possesses the same passion and enthusiasm for his beliefs and his company. AFT has gone through several transitions, most recently the rebranding which was coincident with the release of AFT Fathom 8 last year. Trey continues in the day-to-day activities here at AFT and actively guides the development, marketing and business aspects to follow his vision.

AFT will never be as big as Microsoft nor will it be a common household name. However, we are impacting the world in countless positive ways. Our software and training allow engineers to develop and operate systems that are more environmentally friendly, cost effective, safer, reliable and efficient. Our software is used by engineers to deliver payloads into space, mine precious metals from the earth, recover oil and gas from the oceans, process vital chemicals, deliver clean water, transport fluids though pipelines, clean new plants and piping systems before startup, heat and cool college campus, clean up and process hazardous waste and byproducts, generate electrical power – and the list goes on.

Trey has no intention to leave his post here are AFT any time soon. After many years of hard work and investment, things are progressing quickly. While technology changes, the mission to provide expertise through world-class software, dedicated technical support and efficient training continues under Trey’s leadership.


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Modeling Area Changes As Additional Pipe Fittings

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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

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