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Rafael Hoyer

Link Your Heat Transfer

We are frequently asked about AFT capabilities, and today I want to talk about how to model the heat transfer on heat exchangers. This is something we have discussed previously . But apparently, it is still a confusing topic while using AFT Products to model systems in which heat exchangers are present.  First, I have to say that in fact it is...
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Rafael Hoyer

Don’t Waste your Time... “Take a Batch”

Here at Applied Flow Technology we like to make things easy for our end users. That is why AFT Products have been developed not only to give you accurate and reliable results but to save you time as well. Let's talk about the "Start Batch Run..." feature. What does this feature do? Let's imagine you have a model with many scenarios and you need to ...
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Raquel Drozd
Thanks for this article. If you select "Models in Different Files", would you be able to run the specific scenarios in each file?... Read More
Tuesday, 02 April 2019 22:22
Ben Keiser
Hi Raquel, just saw your question as I was stumbling across the blog and as Rafael has moved on, I'll be happy to help answer your... Read More
Friday, 05 April 2019 22:08
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