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Recent Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Supported by AFT Arrow

It is always interesting to see items in the news where our software has played a role. Last week a breakthrough in nuclear research was achieved at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's (LLNL) National Ignition Facility (NIF).

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You’ve got a nice piping system! But how much will it cost?

You have just finished designing your system and built a model of your system in AFT Fathom and have convinced your team and the client that the system will achieve all the desired pressures, flow rates, and temperatures.  The next big question is, “How much will this system cost?”  With AFT Fathom, you have the ability to answer that question in great detail! You can easily determine the full cost of pipe materials and system components!  Not only that, but you can quickly figure out how much it will cost to install and operate the entire system!   You will even be...

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The Two P's: Why You Should Care That AFT is Celebrating Its 20th Year

There are two good reasons you should care that Applied Flow Technology is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year.

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Exhaustive Tolerance Criteria

AFT Arrow uses Newton iteration to find a simultaneous solution for all junction pressures. Well, maybe not all junctions. When “Use Exhaustive Tolerance Criteria” is NOT selected, AFT Arrow will only check junction pressures that find their way into the solution matrix. The AFT Arrow solver builds a matrix of equations based on the number of flow splits in the model. Each flow split must have a common pressure that is consistent with the flow and pressure drop in all of the connected pipes. Finding the right pressure for each flow split can become rather tricky. To find the pressure using...

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Using Duplicate Special to Easily Model Different Cases of an Single System

With AFT products, the Scenario Manager is an incredibly powerful feature that allows one to model several different cases in only one model file.  This includes different operating conditions, multiple pump configurations, different piping, system expansions, etc.  The list of different cases to model is essentially endless! Now, what if you have a single system and you would like to quickly model several cases where perhaps only a few parameters are changing?  You can start by building a single system on the Workspace.  Then you can use the “Duplicate Special” feature in the Edit menu to duplicate the entire system and...

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Modeling Area Changes As Additional Pipe Fittings

If you have a system where there are several area changes throughout the piping, modeling every single area change and connecting pipe can become taxing and time consuming.  Also, the more pipes and junctions that are in a model, the higher the complexity. With AFT software, it is very simple to include the area change losses in the pipes themselves! As seen in the Pipe Fittings and Losses screen shot below, there are four area change types that can be used and either abrupt or conical shapes can be modeled.  The key to determining which expansion or contraction type to use...

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Rockets are Pumping Systems Too - The Aerospace Heritage of AFT

Many of our customers find it interesting that the foundational code developers at AFT are former rocket engineers. Jeff Olsen and I wrote the bulk of AFT Fathom™, AFT Arrow™, and AFT Impulse™ from 1993-2003. Jeff is currently AFT's Vice President of Technology. We both hold B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

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