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Modeling the Stack Effect in AFT Arrow

AFT Arrow solves all of the fundamental controlling equations governing gas dynamics. For more information about which fundamental thermodynamic equations are solved in AFT Arrow, here is an excellent article that discusses gas flow calculations in detail.   The "stack effect" is simply one aspect of these equations, and is accounted for by the user input and boundary conditions. Ultimately, flow is driven by pressure difference. The higher you raise a chimney, the lower the atmospheric density and pressure at the discharge. In order to accurately model the "stack effect", the system boundary conditions must be modeled accurately.  As the discharge...

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AFT 20th Anniversary Conclusion: Prizes, Awards and the Future of AFT

Last month AFT concluded its 20th year as a world leading provider of fluid flow simulation software products. A year ago I wrote about AFT's 20th anniversary and the prizes we would be awarding.

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Viewing Output Across Multiple Scenarios

AFT Arrow 4.0 and AFT Fathom 7.0 offer the ability to view text output across multiple scenarios simultaneously, greatly facilitating seeing the differences in results between scenarios. To view multiple scenario output, open Output Control either from the Analysis menu or, when the Output window is active, by clicking the toolbar button, and then selecting the Multi-Scenario tab. Under Display Type select Selected Scenarios and click the Select Scenarios button to open the Select Scenarios window. Select the scenarios you want to see output for and click OK to return to Output Control where the selected scenarios will now appear in...

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Using Groups

Groups of pipes and junction can be named for later recall. This is done using the Group Tools on the Edit menu. Groups may have subgroups, and pipes and junctions may be members of multiple groups. To create a group select the pipes and junctions you want in the group, then select Edit/Groups...Create. Specify a name for the group, click OK and the Group Manager will be displayed showing the pipes and junctions in the group. Group Manager can also be used to add or remove pipes and junctions from an existing group, rename a group or delete a group. After...

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AFT Arrow Goes Nuclear - Validated Nuclear Version Now Available

Use of software on nuclear safety systems requires a higher level of validation than normal industrial systems. AFT Arrow has been validated for such use on nuclear safety systems. This means that modeling of steam and other gas systems in safety related work can now be performed with AFT Arrow.

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Why Gases Are More Complicated Than Liquids: And How the New AFT Arrow 5 Can Help

Several generations of engineers ago engineers realized that performing calculations on gas flow is a lot more difficult than for liquids. As a result, the bulk of what is gas flow engineering history has revolved around how to treat gases as liquids. Another large portion of history is how to simplify gas flow equations down to simple isothermal relationships. In other words, the majority of gas flow engineering historically is about how to take short cuts with gas flow calculations.

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Making Use of the Quick Access Panel

With the release of AFT Fathom 8 and AFT Impulse 5, there is an incredibly useful new feature available on the Workspace called the "Quick Access Panel".  This feature allows you to quickly and easily work with several useful features of the software in one area such as the Scenario Manager, Pipe and Junction Inspection, Workspace Overview Map, the Checklist, and ability to activate the add-on modules. Scenario Manager Access to the full Scenario Manager capabilities exists in the Quick Access Panel.  Add new scenarios, clone scenarios, promote scenarios, re-order scenarios, add notes for scenarios, etc. Properties The Properties tab in...

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