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1 minute reading time (264 words)

Congratulations 20th Anniversary Contest Winners!

Applied Flow Technology celebrated our 20th Anniversary in 2014 with 20 gifts to you, our customers! 

In our monthly newsletter, the AFT Pipeline (click here to sign up to receive it), we presented an equation. Those with the correct answer were entered to win both the monthly prize and the 8 grand prizes. In addition to the 12 monthly prizes, quarterly bonus questions on aft.com provided the opportunity to be entered to win one of 8 grand prizes - for a total of 20 prizes awarded for the year.

 Congratulations to our winners and thanks for playing along all year!

Grand Prize: $2000 Amazon.com Gift Card

  • Kishore Ravindran, L&T, India

First Prize: $1000 Amazon.com Gift Card

  • Pirooz Darabi, Fluor, Canada

Second Prize: $500 Amazon.com Gift Card 

  • Dan Wood, DuPont, USA
  • Hesham Hassanin Elkhatib, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt

Third Prize: $250 Amazon.com Gift Card

  • Michael Shahrokhani, Smart Design for Technical Development, Middle East
  • Raquel Drozd, Fluor Canada Ltd, Canada
  • Rodrigo J. Rodriguez, Audubon Engineering Company, USA
  • George Said, Xebec Adsorption, Canada

Monthly Winners: $50 Amazon.com Gift Card (monthly winners were eligible to win other prizes)

  • January: Vlastimir Novakovic, Lahmeyer International GmbH, Germany
  • February: Ion Grozeanu, STEINER Petroleum & Gas Engineering, Romania
  • March: Bani K. Mitra, The Kuljian Corporation, USA
  • April: Pirooz Darabi, Flour, Canada
  • May: Andrew Mancini, Beta Machinery Analysis, Canada
  • June: George Gunter, DuPont, USA
  • July: Zach Cloe, Next Era Energy Resources, USA
  • August: Ahmed Raza, Kinetic Flow Solutions, Pakistan
  • September: Michael Shahrokhani, Smart Design for Technical Development, Middle East
  • October: Chris Ingold, Wood Group Mustang, Inc., USA
  • November: Mistry chirag p, iter-india, India
  • December: Michael Shahrokhani, Smart Design for Technical Development, Middle East

Watch the AFT Pipeline in 2015 for some new engineering challenges and more opportunities to win!

New Challenges (and chances for prizes!) in AFT's ...
Platinum Pipe Award Winners Announced!

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Saturday, 26 September 2020

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