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1 minute reading time (201 words)

Congratulations to the winners of AFT's 2018 Platinum Pipe Award!

The AFT Platinum Pipe Award recognizes excellence in piping and ducting system modeling using AFT software. Contest details and entry form can be found at http://www.aft.com/platinum-pipe-award.

Congratulations to our winners for 2018!

Correlation to Test/Field Data
David Lozano and Roger Bosch from Suez in Spain
- Two types of check valves were installed on a water pipeline in Barcelona, Spain to determine surge response. AFT Impulse and high frequency measured data matched very well during pump trip scenarios.

Use of Features and Model Creativity
Rory Heim from Swanson Rink Inc. in the United States
- A data center condenser water distribution piping system in Los Angeles was modeled in AFT Fathom. Creative use of many features including cost calculations and Scenarios Manager allowed the most cost effective, but feasible solution to be easily determined.

Operational Benefits and Sustainability
Phil Sneeringer from Flowserve in the United States
- A cooling water system for a Midwest refinery was modeled using AFT Fathom. The system had many reliability issues and excessive downtime since 2012 with 9 work orders and a total cost of repair amounting to $123,853. A new pump configuration was determined that should increase reliability and save $200,000 a year in energy.

Reaching Equilibrium: System Energy Balance in AFT...
Let the Heat Flow: Modeling Heat Transfer in Pipes...


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Wednesday, 08 December 2021

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