DuPont experienced severe operational problems on a new product line that put at risk a multimillion dollar investment. The system involved pumping of a non-Newtonian fluid which behaved as a Power Law fluid. AFT Fathom’s unique capability to model valves and fittings was critical to identifying the cause of the problem and guiding the solution.

DuPont engineer Dan Wood teamed with AFT President Trey Walters to present a technical paper this week at the 28th International Pump User Symposium in Houston, Texas. There they presented the problem and resolution which involved a new valve and fitting calculation method developed by AFT called the Adjusted Turbulent K Factor (ATKF) method.  Read the full paper on “Operational Problems in Pumping Non-Settling Slurries Resolved Using an Improved Laminar Flow Pipe Fitting Loss Model” here.