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AFT Blog

Welcome to the Applied Flow Technology Blog where you will find the latest news and training on how to use AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow, AFT Impulse, AFT xStream and other AFT software products.

Jumping Specification Windows

In the process of making specification changes to a sequence of pipes or junctions, one may find it easier to jump from one pipe (or junction) to the next without closing the current specifications window. This can be accomplished by clicking the “Jump” button in the specifications window. Clicking the Jump button will open a dialog where the next pipe or junction number can be selected. Once the selection is made, clicking on the jump button will advance the existing specifications window to the selected pipe or junction number. To make things even faster, pressing F5 within an active specifications window...

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Graph Sets

In all of our core products (Fathom, Arrow, Impulse), we offer the ability to save graph sets. This has the potential to save a lot of time when reviewing multiple graphs of different parameters. In order to define a graph set, first construct and customize the graph you would like to review. Then open the “Select Graph Data” window from the View menu and click the button “Save Set As…”. After entering a graph set name, click ok, and you have just created a graph set! At this point you can modify any parameters in your model, re-run the analysis, and...

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Automatic Renumbering

All of the pipe numbers in Fathom must be unique. When adding a pipe to a model, the new pipe number will be incremented based on the highest pipe number currently in the model. For example, you may only have 25 pipes on the workspace, but if the highest pipe number is 100, a new pipe will automatically be assigned number 101. After several iterations of deleting and adding new pipes, the numbering scheme may be reduced to chaos. AFT Fathom provides three tools to quickly and easily renumber pipes. They can be found in the Edit menu.   The Renumbering...

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Calculating Energy Costs

AFT Fathom and AFT Arrow have the option to include energy costs in the Output. To utilize this option, first open and fill out the “Cost Settings” window which can be opened from the Analysis dropdown menu. Next open the specification windows for the pumps that you would like to calculate energy usage for, and select the option to “Include Cost in Report” from the “Cost” tab. After running the model, you will be able to review the new cost data in the output.  The cost report is configurable in the Output Control window.      

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Export Input and Output Data to MS Excel

While reference is made to MS Excel, this is applicable in principal to most any spreadsheet. Exporting to Excel has number of potential uses including; facilitating input or output data comparison across multiple models files or scenarios using Excel formulas, post analysis calculations, specialized graphing or inclusion into an Excel based report. There are basically two ways to export to Excel; Using File/Export Model Data... when the Model Data window is active or, when the Output window is active, using File/Export Output..., orCopying a select area of the Model Data or Output window and pasting into Excel. When using the first...

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Multi Scenario Output

Viewing the output from multiple scenarios in the same window can be a valuable and time saving tool! You must have output available for each of the scenarios you would like review. One way to do this is by executing a batch run: Select “Start Batch Run…” from the file menu.Click “Add Scenarios” and select which scenarios you would like to include in your multi-scenario output.Click “Start Run” and sit back while each of the scenarios is run. In order to view output from multiple scenarios in the same window, follow these steps: Browse to the Output window of one of...

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Printing Input and Output

You can print all of or select portions of your model data window in order to have a hard copy of your input. Likewise you can print all of or select portions of your output window in order to have a hardcopy of the output. Printing both of these windows allows you to have hardcopies and backups of everything you would need to perform calculation checks on your model. After building your model and entering all of the required data, browse to the Model Data window and click “View/Model Data Control”. After setting up the input data to be displayed, click...

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