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The AFT Pipeline - October 2006

High Demand for Onsite Training

AFT conducts onsite training seminars several times a year. Unlike our regularly scheduled seminars here in Colorado, onsite training is custom scheduled according to our customers' needs. September and October saw quite a bit of activity in this area with four onsite training classes. Interestingly, all were at nuclear power plants.

Three of the seminars were at Duke Energy facilities with training on AFT Fathom and Fathom Modules at their McGuire and Catawba plants while the Oconee Nuclear Station opted for AFT Arrow training. Training on AFT Fathom, AFT Arrow and AFT Impulse was held for engineers at Florida Power & Light's Turkey Point 3 & 4 Nuclear Plant.

If you're interested in having an onsite AFT seminar, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 719-686-1000.

2006 World Junior Tae Kwon-Do Championship

What does Tae Kwon-Do have to do with flow modeling software? Nothing really, but this story did hold a special interest for us here at AFT and was too good to not share.

Jim Wilcox, the principal at CodeCAD, AFT's distributor in Canada, has a son and daughter, David and Lisa, who actively participate in Tae Kwon-Do. Not too unique in itself since Tae Kwon-Do has become popular among a number of people for its combination of athleticism, fluidity of motion and grace of movement. This popularity is reflected in the adoption of Tae Kwon-Do as an Olympic sport in 2000. Those knowledgeable of Tae Kwon-do will explain it reaches towards "ki", the development of a total being capable of meeting any challenge with calm and success.

So what makes David and Lisa's Tae Kwon-Do worthy of note? First there's qualifying through a series of national tournaments for the Canadian Junior Tae Kwon-Do team that competed in the 2006 World Junior Tae Kwon-Do Championships held in Geelong, Australia, September 14 - 16. As if that wasn't enough, David won two individual silver medals and Lisa an individual gold medal. A world championship! In addition, David and Lisa helped Team Canada win several team gold, silver and bronze medals.

Sounds to us like David and Lisa are well along to achieving "ki". Way to go champs.

Tip of the Month- Right Clicking (or left clicking if you're a 'lefty' like the author)

Right clicking a pipe or junction in Workspace is a quick way to display a summary of input data for the object, but is only one of three options available when right clicking -

  • Right click only - opens the 'Inspection window' displaying a summary of the object's input data
  • [shift]+right click - lists missing, required input information
  • [ctl]+right click - display output information.

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