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The AFT Pipeline - May 2007

New AFT Distributor in Peru

AFT is pleased to announce our newest distributor, Equipos y Sistemas Quality Lab of Lima, Peru.

With the addition of AFT piping and ducting system flow modeling software complimenting their established line of plant design software by COADE and structural analysis software by RISA, Equipos y Sistemas Quality Lab provides a comprehensive suite of tools for plant design engineers in Peru.

For information and assistance on AFT products in Peru please contact Equipos y Sistemas Quality Lab at www.qualitylab.com.pe.

Pump Data Exchange Developments - AEX recommended by API

The ongoing development of AEX, the Automating Equipment Information Exchange Project, reached a major milestone in April with the API Subcommittee on Mechanical Equipment approving a recommendation to include reference to AEX in future releases of API equipment standards. The subcommittee's recommendation followed a very successful AEX Interoperability Demonstration at the API Spring 2007 Refining and Equipment Standards Meeting in Seattle.

The interoperability Demonstration was developed by representatives from AFT, DuPont, Kellog Brown & Root, Alar, AVEVA, Goulds Pumps, Intelliquip and the National Institute of Standards and Technology in conjunction with the advice of additional industry experts. The demonstration to the API Subcommittee on Mechanical Equipment;

  • Demonstrated the use of AEX to exchange pump information across the pump supply chain and among numerous software applications (pump system design, datasheet viewing and editing, equipment sizing, configuration and selection, plant design and bid evaluation), and
  • Explained FIATECH, AEX and the partnerships HI, PIP and other industry initiatives
  • Explained the importance of electronic data exchange and the use of AEX schemas as a neutral exchange format to automate and streamline work processes;
  • Presented an effective process for including AEX in future releases of API equipment standards.

The Subcommittee's recommendation was then approved by the API Committee on Refinery Equipment with the next steps being the development of draft standard text and mechanisms by a working group of API and Hydraulic Institute representatives.

Congratulations to the AEX and HI Team for reaching this milestone in a development that promises to provide significant benefits for the entire pumping system community.

Pump Systems Optimization Workshop Held in Vancouver

AFT's Trey Walters was one of three presenters at the BC Hydro sponsored Pump System Optimization Workshop held in Vancouver, BC on May 17, 2007. Focused on reducing energy costs, improving system reliability and increasing profitability, the workshop was designed to address the needs of design engineers, facility managers as well as engineering, operations and maintenance personnel that are involved with the design, selection, installation, maintenance, operation and optimization of pumping systems.

Co-presenting with Trey was Bill Livoti of Rockwell Reliance Electric/Dodge Corporation and Mike Pemberton of ITT IBG Goulds Pumps. The workshop was based on the "Pump Systems Optimization—Opportunities to Improve Life Cycle Performance" short course held at the 23rd International Pump Users Symposium in March, 2007. The presenters are members of the Pump Systems Matter committee that is authoring the book: “Optimizing Pumping Systems: A Guide to Improved Energy Efficiency, Reliability and Profitability”.

Tip of the Month - Using Zoom Select

The zoom select tool is a quick way to zoom into an area of interest. If you click the zoom select tool and draw your selection box the selected area will expand to fit the selection box. The drawn selection box will expand to fit your Workspace so that the magnification will will vary according to the size of the selection box and the area of the model selected.

Alternatively you can always have zoom select zoom to 100% by clicking the zoom select tool then holding the shift key down while you draw the selection box and release the mouse key.

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