Software Developer

***No Openings at This Time***

Applied Flow Technology (AFT) is a world leader in fluid flow analysis applications and is actively looking for a software developer to help take us to the next level. The candidate should be self-motivated, a team player, and able to work on complex tasks with little oversight.

The primary focus of this software developer position is to enhance our Windows applications with new features and capabilities, and to expand into new technical areas and interfaces with other applications. You will be designing user-interfaces with a variety of controls and complexity, developing logic to retain and display engineering data and results in a variety of formats, and constructing new work-flow paths to optimize the user experience.


  • B.S. degree in computer science or related experience
  • 2-8 years experience in desktop software development
  • VB.NET programming experience (Visual Studio 2010 or later using the DotNet Framework 3.5 or higher)
  • User-interface design experience
  • 3rd party controls experience (e.g. ComponentOne, GoDiagram, etc.)

The ideal candidate would be familiar with:

  • Control building
  • Web services
  • Multi-threading
  • XML
  • CAD 3D and GIS
  • InstallShield
  • Automatic testing platforms (e.g. TestComplete)

Additional Details:

  • AFT provides job training to acclimate to products and services
  • Full health and vision insurance is included 
  • 401k benefits


Additional skills in Microsoft domain administration, active directory, Exchange/Outlook administration, MS Server 2008/2012 and basic IT tasks would be a plus.

Email resume to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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