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IT Specialist

This IT Specialist position is a unique inward/outward facing position. This person will take primary responsibility for numerous IT tasks which focus inside on staff needs and outside with business customer needs.

The majority of our staff are technical specialists in computer science or engineering. We have many tasks that are dispersed among the tech staff. We are looking for someone to consolidate and oversee these tasks.

Additionally, depending on the candidate’s abilities and interest, there is a potential for this position to be assigned a moderate amount of programming tasks related to our commercial products, therefore, programming experience is a plus.


  • Experience in a wide range of IT-related tasks
  • Ability and interest to learn and take on new challenges
  • Availability to (on occasion) work off-hours to implement solutions (e.g., manage our local server during non-business hours)

Responsibilities (partial list by way of examples):

  • Inward:
    • Experience in handling Windows-based end-user client and network software and hardware installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, licensing and acquisition
      • Microsoft Windows
      • Microsoft Office products
      • Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
      • Printers
      • Utility software such as Slack
    • Domain Network Support
      • General Microsoft Server 2016 management
      • Active directory and domain-connected computer management
    • Experience and/or ability/desire to learn how to administer cloud-based tools such as Salesforce
    • VOIP telephone system
    • Helping our team with VPN to our network
    • Overseeing network security


  • Outward:
    • Create and/or maintain installation scripts for our commercial, desktop-based software solutions
    • Work directly with our customers/users (typically IT professionals or degreed engineers) on troubleshooting issues related to:
      • installing our commercial software products
      • rights management (i.e., copy protection) which use our cloud-based tools or end-user located hardware tools (USB key)
    • Assist with and/or managing our website IT issues
    • Optional tasks related to software development of our commercial products (in VB.NET)


Email resume and references to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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