Learning Center

Find several different ways to learn more about the capabilities of AFT software products
and how to make the best use of them:

Seminars - We offer regularly scheduled technical seminars at our offices in the USA and other locations around the world. You can also book them for your own location.   

User Group Meetings - AFT user group meetings offer a chance to learn about new product development, hear success stories from some of our customers, listen to presentations on topics of mutual interest and an opportunity to network with others using AFT software.

Webinars - We offer introductory webinars that are ideal for people evaluating our software or new users that want to know more.

Video Tutorials We offer QuickStart videos designed to teach you the fundamentals of using and understanding AFT software as well as technical videos on a variety of subjects.

Case Studies - Read about some of the projects and the results our customers have achieved. 

Technical Papers Read papers and other articles  featuring the technology of AFT software.

Tips and Tricks - Learn some of the most popular tips and tricks for AFT software.